The blog cherry

I’m popping it.

That’s not to say that I’ve never made a blog post before, but now that I’ve redone the site, I get to christen this thing all over again. Cheers! Anyone bring champagne? (Actually, moscato is my drink of choice, for the record.)

Enough drunken debauchery, I’m shifting gears into something actually relevant: writing!

I’ve recently finished another draft of Rook, and I am taking a very big step back to look at it, and I’m forcing myself to take off the rose-colored glasses. I’m still very excited for the story, still believe in the characters and the plot, but as far as details go… yeah, I have my work cut out for me.

In the process of stepping back from Rook, I’ve started working on adapting another story of mine into a screenplay, I’m quite excited for this one, too. Supernatural creatures, terrible government, a smart-mouthed selkie dude and a grumpy-ass she-werewolf with (surprise!) anger issues. It’s a fun one.

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