Nora & Eridan

My biggest project right now is Rook: Dark Wings, and though it’s not quite ready to publish, I’m itching to share these characters. My wife and I have often discussed which characters we find most of ourselves in, and they always seem to go back and forth between these two. 

Here are Nora and Eridan, as illustrated by one of my all-time favorite artists and my #1 favorite graphic novel artist, Der-Shing Helmer! (Check out Mare Internum and The Meek if you haven’t, they’re both phenomenal.)

Nora “Rook” Roccato

Constellation: Corvus

This is the main character: after losing her parents at a young age, she lived and grew up on the streets. She’s fiesty, relentless, and guarded, and when a mysterious stone falls from the sky and implants itself in her neck, she’s not exactly pleased. When she realizes that the stone has somehow erased her from the memory of everyone she’s ever known, she’s significantly more disgruntled and ventures to New York City to find someone who can remove it.

Naturally, nothing is quite that simple.


Constellation: Eridanus

It didn’t take long for the Nova to find Eridan after the strange stone bonded to her hand, and she gave little resistance to the idea of abandoning her old name. The others all had, after all, and she wasn’t one to stray from the norm. The name ‘Eridan’ suited her, she thought, and gave her a chance for a new start. She’s a chipper little thing, bubbly and excitable, but having been raised in the lap of luxury, she has a long way to go to adjust to living in their forgotten corner of the world. Old prejudices often bubble up, and old habits certainly die hard for this cherub.
Eridan’s naïveté and old-fashioned views bring me back to when I was a teenager; I had a zeal for life and for my faith that often blinded me to the way I acted, and I was very much contained in a little bubble of privilege. A lot has changed since then, but I’ve channeled a lot of those experiences into her character.

Nora, however, has an undeniable grit that both my wife and I share, we’re determined to make something of ourselves despite the odds. On the other side, Nora is also stubborn, sharp-edged, and closed-off, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t relate to those aspects as well. I am a Taurus, after all.