Wife Notes

I have to brag a little and I’m not even going to apologize. 

This morning, like usual when my wife gets up before I do, she woke me with a kiss to tell me goodbye. I was so completely lost to sleep that I barely remember it, but when I finally came to a while later, I fumbled for my phone like I always do. I had barely looked at the time before I realized my phone was sitting on top of my little leather-bound notebook, a gift from my mother-in-law. We each have one, each with our zodiac constellation on the front, and we’d even used them to home our vows in our wedding ceremony.

 The notebook was open, this morning, and I knew that meant that she’d left a little something for me. It’s always a exciting feeling, but usually we only leave wife notes when one of us is gone for an extended time so the extra surprise. I sat up and snatched up the book, devouring her sweet words like my favorite candy. It was a simple message, only a few sentences, but I still feel it’s warmth even now. 

She’s still at work, regretfully working the weekend again, but we do what we have to. I’ll probably end up working from home today, too. It just makes the biggest difference knowing that she took a few minutes out of her morning to leave me that note.

Guys, I have the best wife ever. Just saying. #wifebrag