The Show Must Go On!

Hi folks, it’s been a hot minute. Several hot minutes. How are you?

Life has gotten a bit crazy the past few weeks, in very good ways. My day job has been taking off in exciting and terrifying new ways (note to self, get better at not oversharing with the big name donors and better at smiling and nodding).

I’m nervous as hell, because like the masochist I am, I decided to audition for the theatre I work at. We’re doing Fun Home next season, and I just have to try. It’s the one role I feel like I’m really perfect for, and it’s right in my range. I’ve been training my voice for it, with the help of an amazing vocal coach, and working on a monologue (not as often as I should, I’ll be honest), so I feel more or less prepared.

Don’t wish me luck, though. Tell me to break legs. Actually, do whatever you want because either it’s going to go well or it’s not, but I’m feeling positive.

On the book end of things (Heh, book end), The Heart of Chaos will be available soon! It’s going to be my first standalone release, so I’m very very excited about that. I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll keep you posted!